Are you interested in working as a freelance writer? If yes, then this is the best time to get started. The internet has created myriad opportunities for experts who want to make money from their knowledge. As more people go online looking for information, individuals, businesses and organizations have to consistently create high quality content. If you have a way with words, it is easy to start making money through freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Basic Info


These jobs are flexible and you can work from the comfort of your home. Better still, you pick the topics to work on and work at your own time. Before getting started, you need to appreciate the task at hand. Competition in the freelance writing world is stiff and you need to set yourself apart to find a constant flow of work. The first step in online freelance writing is identifying an area of specialization.

Identify your Niche

There are different types of freelancing gigs available include web content, web copy, article writing, blogging, academic writing, press releases, social media posts, freelance creative writing among others. Under these broad categories, you can narrow down the freelance writing jobyou want totechnology, medical writing, legal writing, history, literature, SEO marketing among other niches.

Create a Blog

Blogging is the best way to tell the world you are a skilled writer. Once you identify a writing niche, start creating content for your blog in this area and share your posts. Write on relevant topics in your field and share your posts among friends, on your social media platforms and forums. Make sure to include your contacts on every post and indicate your availability as a freelance writer.


Profiles on Freelance Platforms and LinkedIn

As you continue learning the ropes in the industry, take another step towards growing your freelancing career. Identify the best freelancing platforms and create a profile. Indicate your skills and start looking for clients. You will find a wide variety of freelance writing jobs online on these platforms and content mills. These platforms present a good place to start your freelance writing career. LinkedIn is one of the most popular meeting places for professionals from across the globe. Once you create a profile, it is easy to connect with clients in need of writing services. Keep updating your profile as you gain experience and follow the right people in your chosen niche.

Visit Job Boards and Seek Referrals

When starting out as a freelance writer, you should grab every writing opportunity that is available. Online job boards provide a good starting point when looking for opportunities to grow your writing career. Pitch to job ads that fit your qualifications. At this point, you should focus on the chosen area of specialization. These jobs come with fixed rates but at times, a client will ask for your best rate. Start by letting your family and friends know about your freelance writing venture. Your family and friends can provide valuable connections and from these referrals, your career will start growing. Offer to write their resumes, wedding speeches, college essays, homework help or any other type of writing tasks they might have.

Guest Posting

The easiest way to get the wordout about your writing skills is through guest blogging. You don’t have to earn any pay but the exposure comes in handy. Search for websites and platforms within your target niche which want guest posts and get down to work. These are just a few of the practical strategies to get any writing gigs as a beginner including freelance writing jobs for college student.