Resources for landing freelance writing work

Before I share some top sites to get freelance work, let's look at some things you need to consider before venturing to freelance work.

Type of work to write

A lot of writing opportunities are available online, ranging from blogging, ghost blogging, brand ambassadorship, copywriting, or writing product descriptions. With the requisite experience, then you are ready to step into the job. 

Pay rate

Writing for pay varies; some employees get paid per word or on a flat rate basis. Some will pay a portion of the generated revenue from work, rather than per word count. Since competition is fierce, starters accept that they cannot write for more than a few dollars. 

Publishing your sample posts

As a freelance writer, you will require a portfolio of written pieces online, and this can be through a blog or a website. It is because most prospective employers will request a sample of previous work done. 

Getting freelance writing jobs

To get hired on an online job board, the following are the requirements: professional resume, tailor-made writing samples, and cover letter focusing on the potential client.

  1. ProBlogger job board: The platform enumerates blogging jobs, and this is the first site to visit. The job listings are relatively detailed in terms of experience and payment.
  2. Freelance writing gigs: The platform gets updated every week and categorized based on sections like blogging jobs, content writing, etc., thus allows you to check on writing posts that are not blogging but in fields such educational materials and translation.
  3. Media Bistro: It is for local jobs in the media. Living next to a big city they cover allows you to check their job listings. They offer full-time media remote jobs and freelance jobs frequently.
  4. Journalism jobs: Like Media Bistro, the platform allows job seekers to query by type of situation. The platform offers local blogger work, training, and advice in journalism and journalism news.
  5. Local CraigsList: It offers domestic remote work. Frequently, freelance writing gigs and ProBlogger picks high-quality adverts from this platform.
  6. Morning coffee newsletter: Clients register via a platform and its source of blogging work. For registered clients, they get emails weekly, with a short explanation for you to click on links that interest you.
  7. All Indie writers: It is a comprehensive website listing professionals and pay level before clicking its contents. The listing includes the writer’s market opportunities and print jobs.
  8. Blogging Pro job board.  The platform lists jobs categorized by the kind of hire, e.g., editor, copywriter, and blogger. 
  9. LinkedIn jobs: It is a great site to search for professional employment, a description of work experience, and connections with companies, endorsements, and prospective fields to work.
  10. Register with creative placement companies: The platform is best for temporary jobs to offer on short notice and near major cities. Employment is more full-time because you work for a full day or week

Other ways to source and retain writing clients

  1. Own a blog: Blogging offers excellent proofreading, writing, and editorial experience. Consider positioning your blog site in the niche you aspire to write.
  2. Make strategic contact in person: While attending an event to identify brands and firms to work for, and apart from dropping your business cards, consider reviewing attendees and select the top 6 to make direct contact.

Stand out from the crowd

  1. Volunteer in the area you are passionate about
  2. Over-deliver on your assigned work
  3. Communicate issues before they ran out of hand 
  4. Know your client on a personal level