How to land a freelance ghostwriting job

Getting ghostwriting jobs on LinkedIn’s job posting website or other electronic job platform is a challenge of late. Then, the question is, how can novice freelance writers get noticed by reputable publishing firms. It may take some time, but there exist other activities that one can undertake to get seen by these publishing firms. The moment a ghostwriter understands and agrees that ghostwriters seldom get recognition for the work done, then ghostwriting can be a lucrative and interestingly rewarding job like any other.

Benefits of ghostwriting

Indeed, there are hurdles in finding ghostwriting jobs, and the tasks themselves have challenges. At times, you will wonder if the job is worth the effect, time, or wonder if the pay is regular. If you get a ghostwriting job with a publisher who gets interested in your service daily, it means you will get jobs almost weekly. Compare this scenario to pitching every article you write and waiting for someone to buy it. If you can get a prospective buyer at the tail end, then it is a waste of time and effect. Ghostwriting can help you get a foothold in the industry, especially if you are new in the publishing industry. Yes, ghostwriting provides you with the much-needed experience in your field. Now, if your readers will not like your work, then ghostwriting offers obscurity, and the publisher or listed writer will take all blame.

Think before you act

We need deep soul searching as to whether ghostwriting is the best career pathway. It is essential to realize that you will put in lots of effort, and there will be no credit or attribution to show apart from the financial benefits. For some people, this will ok, but in the end, there will be no portfolio to build. If you attempt to showcase the work as if it is your own, then the prospective employer will get surprised why your name is not appearing in work. Here you will suffer trust issues, as they will think you are trying to impersonate the book author.

Do research

In ghostwriting, self-education is essential, and there is no alternative to always completing your assignments. Ensure that you understand that the task ahead requires from you and put your best foot forward. Before accepting the job, you will read instructions will so that you gauge whether you are up to the task or not. It is also essential to know the publisher’s flexibility and whether you can change the terms of reference or cast it in stone.

Look for job opportunities

Locate where these job opportunities are. In general, books written by famous people and those in series are the best. Business websites for professional companies are another source of opportunity. Looking for an online job or from a freelance writing job platform is another option, and they are better than all-purpose interest job sites such as It is essential to be outgoing and target specific publishers. Reach out by an introductory letter or by a phone call. If the publishers you reach out to won’t offer you an opening, then most likely, their associates will do.

The final touch

Like other freelance writing jobs, ghostwriting is about searching for several job postings, sending excellent introduction letters, and making cold phone calls to firms you aspire to work. Draft an excellent killer writing package portfolio to compete with a detailed CV with not less than three professional referees. If need be, you can include your byline and best clips.