How to Write Your First Blog Post like a Pro

Writing is hard. Let alone writing a blog post. I know many would argue differently but we can all agree on the fact that it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Trust me; there is a lot that goes into the writing process other than just getting your pen and paper.

As a writer and freelancer, there are so many occasions where I stare at a blank word document and a blank screen for long hours without getting any writing ideas. “Phew! At least I’m not alone,” I know some of you might be relating.

Anyway, writing a blog post requires a lot of keenness. For content that needs to increase conversion rates, act as a lead magnet, and improve your social shares, blogs are one of the most valued marketing pieces on the internet.

Given their value and tremendous benefits, this article is designed to show you the path to follow if you would like to not only complete your first blog post but also write it like a pro.

So, let’s start with the basics.

Topic selection

Just like any other form of writing, a topic is yet taking center stage. Loosely translated to the article’s heading, a topic is usually meant to capture the reader’s attention and is tasked with the responsibility of sparking an interest that would lead them into reading the rest of the blog.

Since it is such a crucial part of your content, it is one of the most difficult areas even for seasoned bloggers to come up with captivating topics. I know many who have been forced to shut down their blogs due to no new inspiration and I wouldn’t want you to be like them.

Therefore, here are some quick pointers to consider when choosing the perfect topic for your blog article.

  • Select one that you are passionate about - it is said that if you are passionate about something, you can endlessly talk about it. This kind of enthusiasm is very critical when it comes to choosing your blog topics. By choosing a topic that you are interested in, you will be able to write the rest of the article effectively.
  • Consider your audience’s interests too – now that you have found something that you are passionate about, you need now to consider your audience's passion too. You can start by asking yourself what they could be looking for as well as what they care about. This way, you will be ensuring that your topic captures their interests and keeps them engaged throughout the blog.
  • Research extensively – whenever you are ready to start writing your blog, stop for a minute, and divert to research the subject first. Strive to figure out a specific and interesting angle to follow for the rest of your article and see if you can uncover any new findings that would enthuse your readers.
  • Follow other writers – following and reading the work of other writers can be a great source of inspiration especially if you want to do things like a pro. Find some of the best writers in your niche and read their work for inspiration.